There are many traditions and superstitions related to the colour of your dress.

What type of dress do you want? Part of this decision will come from the overall style of wedding that you want; is it a very grand affair in a huge cathedral, a sophisticated evening event with a civil ceremony, a simple church wedding, a beach wedding in the tropics or a funky day in a modern hotel? This will help to inform your choice but by no means limits it. If you are having a registry office wedding but have always dreamed of a full princess-style dress with a veil and the whole works then there is no reason why you shouldn't have it. Similarly, if your wedding is in a grand building, that doesn't mean you need a dress of Princess Diana proportions if you don't feel comfortable in one. You may not choose a dress at all, but instead you may feel more comfortable in a smart suit. If you have a theme for your wedding,1 that may dictate the style of your outfit - the choice is yours! Before you hit the shops it is also worth talking to your fianc about what he likes and dislikes. As well as looking wonderful for yourself, you also want your husband-to-be to love the way you look when he sees you in your finery.
Does it have to be white? In short, no. Again, it depends on the style of your wedding, but more and more brides are opting to buck tradition and get hitched in a coloured dress. Bridal shop owners will tell you that few brides opt for pure white dresses in any case, as they can be a disaster unless you have the right colouring; an off-white, ivory or cream shade is often easier to wear. More frequently women are opting for dramatic reds or soft pinks, pale golds or pretty lilacs - choose your favourite colour or the one that makes your skin look gorgeous. The tradition of brides wearing white to symbolise purity is a fairly recent one which was given a boost when Queen Victoria chose it over Silver3 for her wedding dress. Before white became popular, the bride would simply wear her best dress and colour was a matter of preference. There are many traditions and superstitions related to the colour of your dress.