Brides usually prefer a unique, handmade favor over a common and mass-produced item.

Popular and Unique Wedding Favors Wedding favors are experiencing renewed popularity as more and more brides make sure that they are able to give back something to the guests who attend their wedding. As in other special events, the personal touch is much sought after by the celebrants. Brides usually prefer a unique, handmade favor over a common and mass-produced item. This is quite understandable since every bride or couple would want to have their wedding day remembered.
Some favors are popular due to their usefulness. Favors that fall under this category include coasters, picture frames, keychains, soaps, candles and the like. Others are more decorative such as bells, figurines and specially-shaped boxes. Candles are favored during candle-lit weddings and receptions as they are easily adaptable to a theme wedding.
Unique finished wedding favors can use tea bags, seed packets, soaps, cigars, fans and even watering cans all wonderfully packaged and combined with accents, ribbons and flowers to complete the look. Champagne flutes with the couplefs names and wedding date printed on them are pretty additions to the table settings and ideal gifts for couples. Note pads with a fitting inscription are both beautiful and handy gift ideas.
Themed photos of guests are very personal gifts that are sure to earn appreciation from its recipients. With the help of a professional photographer, each guest can be given his/her photograph with a backdrop fitting with the occasion. It is not a bad idea to have the photographers provide for costumes to really get the feel of the wondrous occasion.
Gifts that have some cultural representations in recognition of the nationality of any of the couple are terrific ideas for intercultural marriages. A bride of Japanese descent would find it meaningful to provide gifts featuring origami which is an art very much identified with Japan. Western-inspired weddings can opt for small burlap feed bags and so on.
If the couple is gifted with exceptional writing skills, a single page newsletter featuring the details of their love story can be a good idea. The final product can include an editorial, news story, horoscope and a feature section. The couple just has to think of their own experiences together and include some general information such as an article enumerating memorable events in history, music or sports that occur on the same day as the wedding. Choosing what wedding favor to give to people we consider important is very much a part of the joys associated with having a wedding. It is one way of giving a part of oneself on an occasion of personal happiness